Amber is an EV charging business, designed to provide clean, solar energy to consumers and opportunities for social mobility to its neighbours. EV charging. By the people, for the people.



Amber is an EV charging brand with a difference. They are not owned by an oil giant and, therefore, they are not compromised in any of their sustainability efforts. What’s more, they are motivated by people and community uplift. Our brief was to bring this point of difference to life with a brand that stands up confidently for what it believes in.



Analysis of the EV charging landscape unveiled a very corporate approach from competitors. Interview sessions with the Amber founders made clear their desire to create a brand designed around people. After all, the brand’s driving ethos revolved around an idea of ‘doing good and being good’. We, therefore, designed the Amber brand as a ‘people-first’ business. This led to the creation of visuals and language that engaged with consumers on a more human level. Evoking positive sentiment through positive actions.



To maintain the ‘people-first’ mentality, we sought to create a voice and a language that was straightforward and honest whilst remaining passionate and positive (as opposed to any sort of competitor bashing). Approachable, relatable and confident in our approach. Bringing people with us rather than leaving them in our wake.



Bold and confident with an identifiable flourish. Our ‘M’ serves as the striking brand icon. Evoking imagery of an electronic current, this serves as a vehicle for wider brand creatives as well. In our continued effort to be distinctive, we have done away with the stereotypical green – an all-too-trodden path for others in this space. Our colours reflect the source of our energy (the sun), positivity and aspiration.