CrowdStrike is the cyber security partner for the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team. F1 is a celebration of the extreme: speed, risk, stakes and success. The partnership is steeped in adrenaline but also science and math.



Working alongside Sports Marketing experts Sebadore, Jard were tasked to create a considered brand Journey for all touch points of their F1® hospitality experience; CXO summit. That encompassed everything from considering language, through to post race touch points. Ultimately this journey is to engage high level ‘C suite’ customer at the pinnacle of motorsport and educate them into the parrels that exist between CyberSecurity and F1®.



Analysis of the journey exposed various holes in communications and touch points. Alongside Sebadore, we then designed and developed a series of touch points for every guest invited to join CrowdStrike at their CXO summit. The most revolutionary was a single digital platfrom for RSVP and event communications. This provided heavy lifting of engaging guests.



Alongside Sebadore, we encouraged CrowdStrike to frame the journey with a repeatable mantra. ‘Your Race’ became a focal point for all language. Guests were greeted with ‘Welcome to your Race’ and reminded about the ‘Race for innovation’ and the ‘Race for Security’ throughout the experience.



Whilst CrowdStrike’s core identity remained the same, expansion of their assets and a typographic hierarchy encouraged a new, brave technical look. Aligned with the fundamentals of Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, we opted to secure a solid black with CrowdStrike red wherever possible. Secondly Jard developed a new illustrative style that both represents the F1® team and the the CrowdStrike brand.