DMP is a collection of brand, agency and rights-holder experts. Pure partnerships people. They are motivated by impact, tangible success and excellence in activation.



DMP already enjoyed a reputation as partnerships experts in the marketing industry. Following on from continued success and evolution, they wanted to refresh their brand, to celebrate the broad success they were experiencing and to set themselves up for success moving into the future.



Jard delved deep into the business directly with the three founders to from a strategy, positioning and copy to future-proof the business and its success trajectory. Conveying their purpose and services was high on the agenda. They wanted total simplicity and elegance in communicating DMP and making their ideation and work the hero of the piece. Jard delivered strategy, positioning, copy, brand system, collateral and web design.



The client wanted to confidently celebrate their approach, one which they felt offered a point of difference from many others in their space. They wanted honesty, reliability and absolutely no fluff whatsoever. ‘Partnerships worth making’ reflected this notion as well the insights-led, business-savvy approach that they take to each and every project. We created a direct yet personable style that was underpinned with content for internal use to ensure that staff were all singing from the same hymn-sheet. A style that was identifiably theirs and one which could be easily replicated today, tomorrow and into the future.



Our brief brought up ideas of a big, bold and unapologetic brand whilst remaining simple and elegant in execution. We responded with a brand mark that did just that. The logo itself is designed to be seen at scale, evoking the character of the business. We introduced the idea of simplicity with smaller flourishes and through the evolution of the brand name from ‘DM Partners’ to ‘DMP’. Supported by pops of colour and evocative imagery, we gave them a fresh brand designed for the future.