Inverted EV regenerates classic cars delivering luxury, design-led electric vehicles. They create a classic, sensitive style. High standards with low environmental impact.



Inverted came to us with an ambitious business planned. They required an identity, website and voice to match. They needed to bridge the gap been luxury goods, timeless style and sustainable values. A unique offering for the next generation of classic Land Rover owners.



Our approach was designed to meet the sweet spot between the brand’s credentials and the target consumer. A brand designed for classic car lovers with an eye on the future. Not just the future of the classic automotive industry, but the planet as a whole. In some instances, these can be opposing positions. Our job was to help the brand to show their passion and care for both sides of the coin. Designed for the future with a love and understanding of the past.



Bold and confident whilst maintaining a timeless class and sophistication. The tone of voice echoes the work that the brand does. We bring to life the luxury on offer without disrespecting the reader with unnecessary fluff or over-exaggeration. “Forever classics revived & electrified”. Simple, elegant and clear.



We took the name and the brand’s ambition to heart with this design. Inverting classics, we used inspiration from automotive brands of the past to create something that felt at home in this world. This was achieved without losing sight of the need to create a business fit for the future. The outcome is a timeless classic, just like the Land Rover cars that are the subject of the business’ work. A final flourish is delivered in the Inverted ‘V’, which displays a strike-through that communicates the idea of ‘electronic vehicles’ with the resulting ‘EV’ motif.