Mantra Living: Design that makes sense, optimising the interaction between clients and their homes. Curated, considerate design solutions, with stunning aesthetics to meet the most discerning of tastes.



Mantra was devised by the mind behind a number of other hugely successful ventures in the property, development and design industry. A new offering for consumers to create the home they desire through a fuss-free process that doesn’t cost the earth to achieve. Our brand needed to be aspirational yet accessible. Drawing consumers into the business and a process that could change their world.



A design-led approach that makes the process of home development one that makes sense, reduces stress and delivers results that are tailor-made to their needs. This is a re-imagination of a process that is ranked among the most stressful a person can undertake. Our approach was to deliver a brand and a website that made things clear, easy and accessible.



We developed an idea that bridges a gap between creation and curation, putting the key decisions in the hands of the client whilst taking the heavy-lifting away from them. ‘Mantra – The Art of Living’ tells the wider story of an aspirational, design-led way to live being an reality that we can all access.



The Mantra identity had many iterations as the business strategy developed. We managed to balance purpose and order without being overtly masculine. We brought their purpose and services to life through branding and design that was both impactful and accessible- mirroring the services on offer to the end consumer.