Cutting-edge technology for digital advertising. Seamless Digital has developed a ground-breaking platform to allow for Digital OOH advertising to be applied to mobile assets. This is the next innovative step in digital media.



A brand that works at the pace of technological innovation, we offered an agile, responsive service to Seamless Digital to bring their exciting, disruptive brand to life. The challenge here was to visually and verbally communicate a brand with a completely new offer to customers who are only familiar with the traditional solutions. This needed to be a service that advertisers can immediately see fitting into their portfolio. Creating better solutions that bring the future of advertising to life.



With partnerships ready to be announced and more soon to follow in the sports industry, we wanted to produce a brand ready-to-go in this space without losing sight of the potential for growth. The result is a very forward-thinking brand, accented with the movement and vibrancy of sporting imagery. This of course can flex and change with time as the business expands its portfolio of partners and case studies.



It was key with our language to communicate a completely new offer to the advertising landscape in a way that potential customers would understand. Our past experiences in this industry served as a perfect grounding to bring this to life in a way that advertising professionals would immediately engage with.



Here, we designed a brand with meaning. Each of the twelve icons within the animated and abbreviated identity represent a ‘node’. These are steps in the process to generate advertising imagery with situational relevancy.